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We have partnered with the following high quality U.S & UK based organic suppliers across several product categories. All of these suppliers deliver to the U.K market. If you want further information, simply click on the banners below and follow the link to the official company website for each supplier.

Amazon UK

The worlds largest online retailer provides many of the items on this site through their UK outlet. Amazon offers a great range, great prices and rapid delivery.

Green&Blacks Organic

Chocolate can help keep the brain sharp in older age, reduce the risk of heat attacks and lower your BMI. Green&Black’s is probably the best around. Green&Blacks was founded in 1991 by organic food pioneer Craig Sams and his wife. The company, now a global enterprise produce top quality organic Fairtrade melt in the mouth chocolate. Green&Blacks has been awarded Worldaware Business Award as well as the UK’s first Fairtrade mark, we just had to add it to our range.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Wanting cosmetics without the risks is not unreasonable, but few brands can honestly make that claim. Neal’s Yard remedies are ticking all the right boxes for us and we couldn’t wait to add their Soil Association approved lip gloss and eye shadows. More coming soon…..

Neal’s Yard Remedies started in London in the 1970’s by Nicholas Saunders have a long tradition in organic natural health products. Their entire range make use of high quality organic plant-based ingredients and sourcing through ethical programs including Fairtrade Foundation. Neal’s Yards products are approved by animal welfare bodies including BUAV and PETA, the organic content is certified by the Soil Association and the ingredients are certified organic by leading bodies including the Soil Association and the ESDA.


Folica is an online store specializing in hair products. They have a vast range available and deliver throughout the UK. Most of the products listed are from well known brands, approximately 120+ are organic. Many products are certified to US and British guideline, but as always, if you are concerned about authenticity, you will want to do further research. In general, a great resource for organic hair products.


Ocado is a UK based grocery chain, competing with Tesco etc. They carry a very significant range of organic products at great prices and should definitely be considered for packaged household items and general groceries. With speedy delivery and a price guarantee, they are a great option for those on a tight budget, but still wanting to go organic.

My Muesli

Based in Germany, My Muesli offers specialised food products. Adding muesli to your diet on a regular basis is a great way to boost your health and MyMuesli offers an incredible, configure-it-yourself muesli that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste.