GFM Organic Manuka NPA 10+ 230g

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Organic manuka active 10+ honey
The tea tree plant are natural goodness
Giving it exceptional antibacterial qualities

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Product Description

GFM’s Organic Manuka NPA 10+ honey harnesses the Tea Tree plant’s natural goodness, giving it exceptional antibacterial qualities. Sourced from New Zealand’s remote, native forests and hillsides, it is renowned for its unique wellbeing properties and flavour. GfM is proud to provide one of only a handful of organic honeys that carries such a high antibacterial rating. Rich and herbal, it is perfect in tinctures and teas, on toast or straight from the spoon.
Organic, unpasteurized Manuka honey, certified npa (umf) 10+
Every drum is independently tested to establish its purity, concentration & authenticity
High quality, rich and herbal, filled with natural goodness from tea tree nectar
Prized among the rarest honeys in the world due to its high potency & natural healing
Keep a jar on the kitchen table as well as in the medicine cabinet

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