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Jan's first Artichoke on it's way.

Jan’s first Artichoke on it’s way.

MegaOrganics is a continually updated resource for organic shopping and well researched lifestyle information.

MegaOrganics originally started in the US as and this year followed.

MegaOrganics is not only your on-line organic supermarket and retailer, we are people who care about the environment and the long-term health of our families, friends and the planet, and as such, we endeavor to inform and keep informed about how to best support the world around us.

What is it all about?

Mike's chickens.

Mike’s chickens.

Organic living is not about isms, or any kind of strict adherence to rules and regulations. Contrary to the belief of some people, organic living is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan. It’s about making decisions that are considerate towards our environment and fellow humans, animals and plants.

We have had many decades of trying to change nature, to deliver what we want in the quantities we want, when we want. Organics is about understanding, rather than altering. To work with, rather than against. Empathy and appreciation are key to success in any relationship. Truly working against nature will always create resistance.

Where do we start?

Bell Peppers and Chilli.

Bell Peppers and Chilli.

Food is a sensitive issue, we all need it, we all have our own special relationship with it, and in recent times there is a worry, not just about the quality, but the cost and the availability. The pull towards growing your own is getting stronger and the trend is towards organic.

Our new blog

In our new blog starting soon we will be following a British retired couple as they pursue their dream to become self-sufficient through organic farming, husbandry and bee keeping.

Their very small cottage and land is situated at the edge of a valley in Wales with a view to the Black Mountains. Their journey only started a year ago, and you will be joining them in their very first summer. The blog will be updated every week with news of their progress and setbacks as they happen.





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