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  MegaOrganics is a continually updated resource for organic shopping and well researched lifestyle information. MegaOrganics originally started in the US as and this year followed. MegaOrganics is not only your on-line organic supermarket...

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Organic Growing in Containers

Growing organic produce in containers can be just as exciting and rewarding as growing in a garden, but it has it's own challenges, especially if you want to go beyond the watercress and chives and venture into the realms of fruit and vegetables.  It is worth knowing the pitfalls before you start....

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Chocolate for Quality of Life

Chocolate can improve your quality of life. If you are suffering from pain, stress and anxiety, eating chocolate can help, a medical study shows. Black Dog institute studied 3000 people and sixty percent found that chocolate improved their mood when they were depressed. Researchers noticed...

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