MegaOrganics is a blog, and affiliate retailing site for organic products and services. We believe pursuing an organic lifestyle and including quality food, free of GMO, pesticides and drugs, could cause great improvements, not only in our health but in the health of our environment and the planet as a whole.

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We take care  to ensure all products listed on this site meet the highest possible certified standards and many of our goods are approved by the Soil Association.

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There are no question the demand for organic products is gathering pace as the scale of the damage that man made chemicals have on our health and the planet is becoming widely known and accepted.

In the UK our choices are no longer restricted to organic food; other consumer products like clothing, make-up and cleaning products are available in organic versions too. The positive aspects of growing organic produce and buying organic products are undeniable, here are just a few areas where organic thinking are improving our lives:

Farmers – while yields are reduced so are input costs, often significantly. Given organic produce often sells for more than standard produce, the farmer is often better off in net income terms. His or her health is also improved.

Environment – obvious environmental benefits that have been thoroughly tested – maintaining soil nutrients, avoiding chemical accumulation in the food chain and toxic run off like phosphates into waterways. Benefits that are undisputed.

Human Health – significant human health benefits across virtually every organic product category. Avoiding toxicity, chemical reactions, impaired mental development, fertility issues (among humans and wildlife). There is also a growing body of evidence to suggest certain chemicals are linked to increased rates of allergic reactions, cancer and other degenerative deceases. 

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